Add Your Own Ladders to Ctrl

Released last week, but for those of you who are yet to find the new feature, it is now possible to upload your own odds values as ladders in Ctrl without having to request help.

Simply go to Ladders in the Configuration and click on the 3 dots to select the option to “Add New Ladder”.

You can create a new ladder from scratch, by manually entering the values, or by copying a list over from Excel, into the window. Most Customers in the past have sent us their ladders in Excel, so the copy and paste feature should be most useful.

It is also possible to create a new ladder by starting from an existing one, much like you can do with Templates. So this gives you the possibility to effectively edit any existing ladders.

The new interface is pretty easy to understand and use, but if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Support Team.

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