Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed

For companies with data as their core-business, keeping up with the pace of constantly evolving technology and developments is a daily

Delivering sports data with the highest accuracy and speed in the easiest-to-handle way has been Betradar’s commitment since the beginning. Moreover, focusing on clients’ needs and providing even greater value and user experience is what drives us every

Betradar’s Unified Odds Feed is the next level to make data transmission and integration even simpler and more comfortable. This new way of data delivery enables customers to access all the data Betradar supports in a fast and consistent manner.

The feed works in conjunction with the entire range of our existing betting products, from Pre-Match Odds, Live Odds, Virtual Sports Betting, Premium Cricket and Numbers Betting.

The Sportradar Managed Trading Services fully supports the UOF!

The Benefits of the Unified Odds Feed

➔ Harmonisation: Same format and IDs for pre-match and live odds data, in a consistent structure between different sports.
➔ Fast updates: Lightweight messages provide updates in real time. Static information including translations are not included in those messages, but will be obtained through API calls in advance.
➔ Flexibility on bet settlement: The ability to choose between post-match or in-play results allows you to settle markets that traditionally were only settled after the event has been completed.
➔ Price accuracy: The technical ability to use live odds for your pre-match offer (from up to 15 minutes before the official starting time of the event), guarantees more accurate prices close to the starting time of the event.
➔ Simplicity of integration: The Unified Odds Feed is designed to be as easy as possible to integrate, using open standards technologies such as HTTP, AMQP and XML. In addition, the feed inherits many of the concepts from LiveOdds so existing customers will feel at home. To further simplify implementation, the Unified Odds Feed comes with an optional SDK for Java and C#.
➔ Update-friendly: This feed is designed to be flexible and to easily support new sports, markets and outcomes with minimal impact to customer implementation.

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How to get the Unified Odds Feed

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Betradar Ctrl

The full potential and power of the Unified Odds Feed can be experienced with Ctrl, the newest product added to our Betradar suite with new configuration built especially for this feed.