New Feature – “Settlements” Tool

Dear Customer

We are proud to announce the release of the all new “Settlements” Tool in Ctrl. It allows you to

  1. Settle Different – You can change the settlement of a certain market if you think it was settled incorrectly or not according to your terms and conditions.
  2. Settle Early – You can settle even before Betradar settles markets if you are confident about the correct result.
  3. Void Bets – You can void bets on single markets or on the entire event/match.
  4. Cancel Bets – You can cancel bets down to market level, for an entire match or only for a time span.

and of course revert all these actions.

By introducing this tool we give you utmost flexibility to corner cases, settlement expectations of local regulations, or your own preferences. All inside of Ctrl.

“Settlements” also comes with a full history on all markets of the match.

For more details please check chapter 6 of the Ctrl user manual or contact us for a training at

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