NEW Support emails – Bet cancel in ctrl

In the event of any of our matches having incorrect odds, Ctrl customers will receive an email from our Support team with information about the affected matches. Any matches included in this email will have a direct link to the Settlements view for the match, where a Bet Cancel can be made using the date/time specified in the email.

The Settlement tool allows for the user to cancel and void bets. In any given event, the 3 dots icon opens up the below options where bets can be cancelled or voided. Cancelling or voiding bets can be defined for any given market where odds were offered.

The Bet Cancel feature can be used to cancel bets for individual matches. When cancelling bets, a time period and date can be defined on specific markets giving the user full control over which markets they wish to cancel and when the markets will be cancelled. This is an important feature which should be used if incorrect odds were offered for a specific match or tournament.

Once bets have been cancelled, the user also has the option to rollback these cancellations using the Rollback Cancelled Bets feature. This feature allows the user to rollback cancellations for all bets, or specific cancelled markets.

The Void Bets feature can be used to void bets, with a number of different void reasons available for the user to select. Similar to cancelling bets, it is possible to select all markets, or just selected markets the user wishes to void.

Once bets have been voided, the user also has the option to rollback using the Rollback Voided Bets feature. This feature allows the user to rollback all voided bets, or specific voided markets.

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