Unified Odds Feed – Integration environment relocation

We would like to draw your attention to the following change, which has been executed on the 11th October 2021.

We will relocate our UOF Integration environment to a new location. This is done as part of a process to improve our UOF services with respect to availability, resiliency, security, and latency. The new endpoints are backed by Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution to ensure low latency from geographically distributed locations.

The existing UOF Integration environment will still be available until 30th November.

Currently you are connecting to stgmq.betradar.com and stgapi.betradar.com to communicate with our UOF Integration environment, and after the change you would connect to
global.stgmq.betradar.com instead of stgmq.betradar.com and global.stgapi.betradar.com instead of stgapi.betradar.com

Please read more on the UOF Status Page (requires whitelisting)

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