New Ctrl User Manual

Dear Customers

The newly updated user manual for Betradar Ctrl is now available! We did a little clean up, shortened paragraphs down to essential information and replaced some longer texts with bullet points to improve the effeciency and the look & feel of this document.

We hope you find answers to your question now quicker, no matter if you try via the Ctrl Tutorial Section checking the full document or you use our Knowledgebase in Ctrl, which will get updated in a weeks time from now, where you will be able to key search in the July 2019 version of the manual.

Knowledge Base.png

Major sections we have added to the manual are:

  1. Live Odds Configuration – Explains the new sections where templates and feed options for the Live Odds Service can be set up and edited
  2. Outrights Configuration – Improved explanation
  3. Settlements – The new tool to be released in September 2019, where users can settle markets earlier or different than Betradar or cancel and void bets on event and market level
  4. Permissible Pairs – A functionality for 2-outcome markets to configure margins with odds pairs instead of odds keys


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PS :Inside Ctrl Unavailable

We would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the temporary downtime of this site in recent days. InsideCtrl is up again since this morning and will continue using this blog to inform about feature releases, news on our strategy with the product and the decommission plan for the legacy feeds.

For those of you who have been directed to the disabled site in recent days, please also check our updated roadmap for the upcoming months we sent out in the previous post.



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