Permissible Pair Ladders

Dear Customer,

Today we released another thrilling feature on Betradar Ctrl!

The Permissible Pair Ladders are odds pairs customers can assign to markets with two outcomes, instead of assigning a classic odds key to determine the margin.

“Home” odds = A and “Away” odds = B if A-B is a pair in the Permissible Pair Ladder.


You now control your odds with fixed pairs of odds values.

In the match detail view you can click on the “PP” icon to open a pop-up with a link to directly open the Ladders Configuration and view the odds pairs.


In the configuration section in Ctrl every 2-outcome market has a prominent toggle. Below you can see that the Totals market is still set to use Odds Keys, but the Handicap market has been altered to use “PP” Ladders.


By creating odds pairs with varying margins you can now be more aggressive on the most balanced line and more conservative on lines more distant to this central or main line, referring to the concept of  US “Cent Lines” or “Malayan Odds”.

To upload your customized Odds Pairs Ladder please send us your file in decimal odds format, preferably in Excel, and we upload it to your Ctrl account. Ladder values can be up to 10 decimal places for a more accurate conversion to regional odds formats.

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