Next Week’s Updates (week starting on the 22nd of August)

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to inform you regarding two updates that are expected to be released in Ctrl and Portal on the week starting on the 22nd of August. One regarding the Live Data Configuration, and one regarding the License Expiration Date.

Live Data Configuration Options introduced in Portal

We are pleased to announce that the Configuration Options for Live Data, found only in so far, have now been introduced into Portal as well.

These options will still be available in, and your changes will still go through from either point of access.

You can find these options under CONFIGURATION > LIVE DATA:

Licence Expiration Date Removal

The License Expiration Date that is currently displayed in the account information window in Ctrl and Portal will be removed, as it is causing confusion sometimes. The Sales Department will promptly notify you regarding any issues with your account and there is no further need for this to be visible in Ctrl and Portal.

For further questions or queries, please contact us at or  

Warm regards,
Your Sportradar Team

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