It is possible to get access to Ctrl via both the Legacy Feed and the new Unified Odds Feed.

However, the features available will differ, as Ctrl is an improved eventual replacement for that has been specifically designed to do more via the new feed.

If you are a current Legacy Feed client, we can switch you over to Ctrl immediately. No technical integration work is required and all of your existing logins will still work.

First, we need to know whether you want your access to be diverted to include the new system. Then literally all you need to do is visit, login and you will be in. So simple…

Click the contact details below, in the footer, to open a dialogue with the Ctrl Team directly. We can give you a few quick webinars and one-to-one tutorials, so you know how to use the new platform, and you will be ready in no time. Alternatively, speak to your Sales contact.

Please note that the Legacy Feed will be shut down in the not too distant future and the Unified Odds Feeds will become the only conduit to receive our betting/odds related data. Integrations to the new feed will take several weeks, but can be simplified by using our SDK.

Once on the new feed, you will be able to experience and take advantage of the fuller version of Ctrl that gives you a wealth of customisation, so you really can “take control” of the data we send you.

You will be able to stay in the loop with the on-going development of Ctrl via the Blog, and you can then decide when you want to switch to the new Unified Odds Feed in order to take advantage of all the features that the full version of Ctrl has. You and your trading team will already be comfortable using the new platform by the time you undertake and complete the new integration.

Check it out… Ctrl Features (Legacy vs UOF)  pdf-icon