New Integration Environment – Use it now!

Many of you have already been introduced to our new Ctrl integration environment. It is used to perform and complete your Unified Odds Feed integration.

You can request a new integration account via your sales representative, or, in case you already have an account on our production environment, you can just re-use credentials from there and log in to the integration system via the link above. Then create your access token and you are good to go.

Making use of this environment is perfect for your development work and also beneficial in case you want to perform tests like debugging, as some load intense processes might get blocked on our production system.

The new environment provides all functionalities you need to integrate the new feed and is available 24 hours 5 days per week (not during weekends). If you need access outside this availability, our replay environment is always available for both stress testing and regular development and testing.

In order to connect to the integration environment when using an SDK, you need to make sure you adjust your code or config accordingly:

Java SDK

OddsFeedConfiguration config = OddsFeed.getOddsFeedConfigurationBuilder()





var configuration = Feed.GetConfigurationBuilder()




For more important information about our Integration Program and our all-free Certification please check out the UOF quick start guide

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