New Ctrl Feature – Filter “Missing Events”

Dear Customers

We would like to present another nice tool for you to easily find the events where your competitors have odds published and you are still not offering these matches for betting.

By using the filter “Missing Events” (screenshot below), you can view all events in the Ctrl Monitoring section where your “Own Odds” row is empty and you see the odds “Average” deriving from your selected bookmakers for this tournament.

Missing Events

Missing Events Small 2

Combine the filter with other filters like “24 Hours” to get all events where publication of odds might be most pressing.

When also selecting e.g. the “With Own Odds” filter, you get all matches in view where your own odds are available, but deactivated.

As all filters in our Monitoring section this new filter is corresponding with the sports tree to get you the best combined search.

Kind Regards

Ctrl Team


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