NEW – Betradar Odds Suggestions added to Match Up

Finally… it is now possible to see what the odds (with default keys) from Betradar are, in Ctrl.

What took us so long, right?

The new odds information can be found just to the right of your Own Odds, next to the Intelli-Average, in Match Up.

All markets Betradar offer odds for, will now be in view as soon as they are available, regardless of whether you have configured your template for those markets, or have own odds. If we can send them, you can see them…

Please note, Betradar’s odds are not laddered, harmonised or rounded. 

Betradar Odds
Example of Totals with a Semi-Auto change. You can now see how far you are from the underlying Betradar Odds.

For those who use Betradar’s Odds and have access to Odds Control, you now have a good reference, for whenever you choose to deviate from the Betradar Odds. When you want to put the odds back to Auto, you already have a good idea of what your new odds are going to be.

For those not using Betradar’s Odds Suggestions and not using Odds Control, you can easily compare your own odds with Betradar’s, without having to go and check them in another interface. In the old platform, you would have to go to Sports Fixtures w/Odds to see them. Now, Betradar’s Odds are conveniently placed where you can compare them to your own odds and with those from bookmakers you have elected to view, via your Bookmaker List. And… if you like the odds, why not just use them?

If you have any questions, please use the email in the footer below, or contact our friendly Support team.

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