NEW – Betradar Odds Suggestions added to Match Up

Finally… it is now possible to see what the odds (with default keys) from Betradar are, in Ctrl.

What took us so long, right?

The new odds information can be found just to the right of your Own Odds, next to the Intelli-Average, in Match Up.

All markets Betradar offer odds for, will now be in view as soon as they are available, regardless of whether you have configured your template for those markets, or have own odds. If we can send them, you can see them…

Please note, Betradar’s odds are not laddered, harmonised or rounded. 

Betradar Odds
Example of Totals with a Semi-Auto change. You can now see how far you are from the underlying Betradar Odds.

For those who use Betradar’s Odds and have access to Odds Control, you now have a good reference, for whenever you choose to deviate from the Betradar Odds. When you want to put the odds back to Auto, you already have a good idea of what your new odds are going to be.

For those not using Betradar’s Odds Suggestions and not using Odds Control, you can easily compare your own odds with Betradar’s, without having to go and check them in another interface. In the old platform, you would have to go to Sports Fixtures w/Odds to see them. Now, Betradar’s Odds are conveniently placed where you can compare them to your own odds and with those from bookmakers you have elected to view, via your Bookmaker List. And… if you like the odds, why not just use them?

If you have any questions, please use the email in the footer below, or contact our friendly Support team.

Handy Hint #1 – Navigate one-time to alerted markets

The Alert Scores are a very good indication of how an event compares to the bookmakers you have selected in the configuration. The higher the score, the worse the differences…

If you click on these scores, for example in Monitoring Overview, you will load a small pop-up window with some additional information.

Alert Score market click

If the Alert Score is greater than 0, then the top 3 alerts will be listed, with some overview odds and averages.

By clicking on the first alerted market name, in the pop-up, you will open Match Up and navigate directly to that market, the worst alerted.

In the above example this is the Handicap market, for the -2.75 line Surebet alert.

Hcap -2.5-3 alert

Try it… Let us know what you think. Where else can the navigation be improved for you?

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New – Expected Total alerts

(An expected total is a singular value that be can be calculated from Total markets to give you a very precise figure for the total number of goals / points expected in the final score)

(Disabling of new alert released just for Account – 129 / A full release will be completed after field testing. Please note that alert pop-ups are due to be improved in the coming weeks, but the below screenshots are correct for this version of Ctrl)

(Disabling Expected Total alerts has been released for all accounts now)

Expected Total alerts are calculated alongside the regular Intelli-Avg based Deviation and Valuebet alerts, using the same calculation methods. If the Expected version is “worse” than the regular alerts, then it will be displayed instead.

This alert type will give you alert coverage for Total lines where there are no other bookmakers’ odds to generate an Intelli-Avg. However, it will still cover lines with an Intelli-Avg, as explained above.

In order for you to manage the new Expected Total alerts, available for Soccer and Basketball, it is also possible to disable these alerts to reduce Alert Scores.

Lets take a look at an example Expected Total alert.

Expected Total Pop Up
Expected Total pop-up

Alerted outcomes will have a slightly different icon, to the regular Deviation and Valuebet alert icons, with a noticeable trim around the edge.

If you click on the icon a pop-up will appear giving you some more information about the alert, as shown.

In the example above, your odds for Over 2 at 1.98 are significantly higher than the “expected” odds of 1.713 for the same outcome. This is producing an Expected Total Valuebet.

The pop-up also contains some additional information listing the percentage difference (6% here for a Valuebet type calculation), your own Expected Total (2.01 goals in the match) and the average, or market, Expected Total (2.231 goals in the match).

If you want to disable the effects of this alert on the total score simply click in the pop-up, where shown below.

Expected Total Disable 1
Disabling an Expected Total alert

If you disable a Valuebet Expected Total alert, then you automatically also disable Expect Total Deviation alerts. However, if you disable a Deviation version it is still possible to receive Valuebet Expected Total alerts.

Despite the below Expected Total alert being disabled, it is still possible to see that your Total market has an Expected Total alert. Faded versions of the icon are left as reminders, at the top of the market and in the market list.

Expected Total Disable 2
Disabled Expected Total alert icons

If you want to reactivate a disabled Expected Total alert, simply click on the icon at the top of the market list and click where shown below…

Expected Total Disable 3
Enabling deactivated Expected Total alerts

If you require more information about this alert type, how it should be used, or need any other assistance with alerting or Ctrl in general, please use the contact email in the footer, below, to get in touch with our team.


Improvement – Muting Bookmakers

With the help of constructive feedback from users, Ctrl’s functionality to mute bookmakers in Match Up has been refined.

The process to mute a bookmaker is essentially the same. Hover your mouse icon over the Key of the bookmaker you wish to mute and choose to mute the bookmaker for the entire event, that market, or that line (if the market has them).

However, now it is now possible to mute a bookmaker’s influence on the Intelli-AVG for a specific time, ranging from 15 minutes to 12 hours.

It is still possible to mute the bookmaker permanently, like before, except now it is an option in the new drop down flow.

mute bookmaker
Muting a bookmaking

The odds of a muted bookmaker will still change and update.

The process to reactivate a muted bookmaker is the same. Simply click on the icon that appears over the Key and click the option to enable.

unmute bookmaker
Enabling a muted bookmaker

If you have any constructive feedback about this improvement, or would like to discuss improving or changing anything else, please use the contact link below.

Improvement – Bookmaker List View

Feedback from users requested that we hide bookmakers that do not have odds, when looking at markets in Match Up.

This feature change has been released…

When you now view markets in Match Up, the default is to only see those that have odds.

All bookmaker - inactive

In order to see the full list, including those bookmakers that don’t have odds for the market in view, simply click to view ALL BOOKMAKERS.

All bookmaker - active

If you have other feature requests, or improvements, please reply in the comment section below.

Alert Strength Indicators

A new addition is due to be released for Match Up’s Alert banner at the bottom of the screen.

As you are probably already aware the markets listed at the bottom of the screen are positioned in order of the relative amount each alert contributes to the total event Alert Score.

A new simple visual indicator has been developed to help you appreciate the relative amounts each alert actually contributes to the total event Alert Score.

3 bars    = HIGH impact alert

2 bars    = MEDIUM impact alert

1 bar      = LOW impact alert

0 bars    = very low impact alert

Some visual examples…

Match Up Alert Banner ASIs

A simple mouse-over will also explain the same…

ASI mouse over

You can still click on these markets

to navigate to them as before.

This is a purely visual improvement and nothing else regarding how you currently deal with alerts will be affected by the release of this feature.

If you have some constructive feedback regarding the release of the Alert Strength Indicators, please contact the Ctrl Team.