Alert Strength Indicators

A new addition is due to be released for Match Up’s Alert banner at the bottom of the screen.

As you are probably already aware the markets listed at the bottom of the screen are positioned in order of the relative amount each alert contributes to the total event Alert Score.

A new simple visual indicator has been developed to help you appreciate the relative amounts each alert actually contributes to the total event Alert Score.

3 bars    = HIGH impact alert

2 bars    = MEDIUM impact alert

1 bar      = LOW impact alert

0 bars    = very low impact alert

Some visual examples…

Match Up Alert Banner ASIs

A simple mouse-over will also explain the same…

ASI mouse over

You can still click on these markets

to navigate to them as before.

This is a purely visual improvement and nothing else regarding how you currently deal with alerts will be affected by the release of this feature.

If you have some constructive feedback regarding the release of the Alert Strength Indicators, please contact the Ctrl Team.

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