Improvement – Muting Bookmakers

With the help of constructive feedback from users, Ctrl’s functionality to mute bookmakers in Match Up has been refined.

The process to mute a bookmaker is essentially the same. Hover your mouse icon over the Key of the bookmaker you wish to mute and choose to mute the bookmaker for the entire event, that market, or that line (if the market has them).

However, now it is now possible to mute a bookmaker’s influence on the Intelli-AVG for a specific time, ranging from 15 minutes to 12 hours.

It is still possible to mute the bookmaker permanently, like before, except now it is an option in the new drop down flow.

mute bookmaker
Muting a bookmaking

The odds of a muted bookmaker will still change and update.

The process to reactivate a muted bookmaker is the same. Simply click on the icon that appears over the Key and click the option to enable.

unmute bookmaker
Enabling a muted bookmaker

If you have any constructive feedback about this improvement, or would like to discuss improving or changing anything else, please use the contact link below.

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