New Template features – Delete Templates & Deselect Tournaments

An improvement to the way tournaments can be managed in Templates will be released shortly.

When selecting Categories and Tournaments in the Template interfaces, it was not possible to deselect previously saved options. It was only possible to attach the Category or Tournament to a different Template.

However, now, due to sound and constructive feedback from users we have made it possible to simply deselect Categories and Tournaments from the Templates they are currently assigned to.

It is also possible to delete the entire Template, should you wish to. This feature is already released…

Template – Tournament List

Please note that removing Categories or Tournaments from a Template will mean you will no longer receive pre-match odds updates for any currently open events and, of course, any future events. So, if this feature is misused, or misunderstood, you may find your event offering suffer.

Any open events that are removed from Templates will lead to those events showing as “removed”. Although, you will still receive the resulting for these events.

It is very important you are aware and confident using this new change, so please contact the Ctrl Team for a demonstration and advice if you require assistance.

Alternatively, please feel free to reply with a comment below.

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