Handy Hint #2 – Find quicker

If you are like me, sometimes you want to get to an event quickly, without having to click in too many places or navigate a tree menu.

So I create a Tab in Monitoring Overview, called “ALL”.

To do this you need to go to Monitoring Overview, open a new Tab and select all the sports in the tree menu by marking the check boxes. Make sure you do not have any filter buttons selected. Name the Tab “ALL” and click on the disc icon in the Tab to save. Done!

Now, whenever you want to go to an event quickly and you know the team or player name,  open your new “ALL” tab and type in the first few letters of the name and press <enter>.

The event will appear in the output section immediately.

Find All

You can also search  Sports, Categories and Tournaments by name too…

Create your own “ALL” Tab in Monitoring Overview for quicker navigation.

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Have a great weekend…


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