Notification: Premium Cricket Service in Ctrl

Dear Valued Customer,

On Tuesday 17th October Premium Cricket will be introducing the Ctrl template in the Unified Odds Feed integration environment. You will be able to adjust odds keys for PC tournaments for the Unified Odds Feed integration environment. For an overview of this update, please download this document, which is only available when logged in to

Please note, as with PCS currently, there is one Ctrl configuration template for both the pre-match and live product for this sport. This is the first iteration of PCS in Ctrl, and we will work on getting new features to differentiate in the future. The basic template will almost certainly be different to your current one. Please do create templates to match your current setup, because we will be rolling this out to UOF Production in the coming weeks and it will make that process easier for you if you have your templates set up as you currently want them.

For further questions or queries, please contact us at

Warm regards,
Your Sportradar Team

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