Notification: Premium Cricket Service in Ctrl

Dear Valued Customer,

On Monday 13th November Premium Cricket will be introducing the Ctrl template in the Unified Odds Feed production environment. Although we will release the templates in production, they will not affect the current feed you receive. You can create your own templates (as you have been doing in the integration environment for the past couple of weeks) and then we will incrementally switch on the functionality for those templates to reflect the feed. We will be in touch with you before we switch on this functionality at our end.

Please note, as with PCS currently, the configurations for live and pre-match will be affected by the same Ctrl configuration template, though you can make as many templates as you want. This is the first iteration of PCS in Ctrl, and we will work on getting new features to differentiate in the future. We have created default templates for you to use if you choose – Premium Cricket_High, Premium Cricket_Medium and Premium Cricket_Low based on the profile of various tournaments. Additionally, we have also created a default template for Simulated Reality League (SRL). If you do not wish to receive SRL cricket, then simply don’t assign a template to that tournament. Feel free to create or update the existing templates to match your current setup. Please also note that even if markets are assigned to a tournament, it does not necessarily mean that all markets will be sent for that tournament – as currently, the PCS traders will be making the final decision on the markets sent for each match. We will be switching this on at our end incrementally for customers in the coming weeks and it will make that process easier for you if you have your templates set up as you currently want them.

For an overview of the associated functionality in Ctrl, please download this document, which is only available when logged in to

For further questions or queries, please contact or

Warm regards,

Your Sportradar Team

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