Betradar News – Launching Betradar-Portal

We are pleased to announce that the Test-Flight of Betradar-Portal has been transformed into a fully functional version. 

Thank you to all our users who participated in our Test-Flight by clicking the link to “Try Betradar Portal”, that was added to Ctrl. Hopefully you took some time to familiarise yourself with the new layout. 

Since 05 April you can use Betradar-Portal instead of Click on “Launch Betradar-Portal” from Ctrl. 

All the features and functionality that have been available via are now available via Betradar-Portal, including making configuration changes and making changes via Odds Control.  

The fundamental differences in Betradar-Portal are navigational changes. You are now able to access your products and services from the drop-down in the top header. From here you can move from the new HOME page to Ctrl, Live Booking Calendar and many more.  

The configuration section can now also be found in the main header, on the right side, and will open to give you access to all settings for all products and services.  

For a few weeks it will be possible to login to either Betradar-Portal or However, after this cross-over period has elapsed you will only be able to login to Betradar-Portal. Please share this with your colleagues and ask everyone to start using Betradar-Portal now so you are prepared for the switch. We will share more information regarding the closure of logins to and soon. Please note that you will not lose access to anything you have today when this change occurs.  All the upcoming changes have been planned to roll out, have no impact on your operations and will be as seamless and automatic as possible. – bookmark now

If you have questions or concerns, please contact our experienced Support team, via Betradar-Portal or  

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