Betradar Portal Test-Flight Version

We are extremely pleased to inform you that we launch the test-flight version of “Betradar-Portal” on 03 Feb 2022. 

What is Betradar-Portal? 

Betradar-Portal is the new user frontend for all your Betradar products and services. It will eventually replace and to become the sole access point for all betting products, giving all our users a more modern and stable experience. 

What is the test-flight version? 

The test version of Betradar-Portal, which will be accessible from via an invitational link in the top header, is a way for us to make sure you can log into Betradar-Portal without issues. 

Your existing logins work immediately. If you struggle to login, please contact Support

What comes next? 

Some key functionalities will not be open in the test-flight version as we only want to observe the login process at this time. Being able to use odds control or edit configurations will not yet be possible, but you should be able to freely navigate around the platform in order to familiarise with the revised layout.  

In a few weeks we will unlock Betradar-Portal completely and it will be fully functional, covering all that you can do today in From then on you login to Betradar Portal to reach all Betradar products. 

Betradar Portal will then also be the only place we add new features and functionalities moving forward. The new Unified Odds Feed “Translation Tools” will be dropped into the Configuration area in upcoming weeks and the new feature “Outright Market Creation” will be added to the Portal version of Ctrl before the end of Q1 2022.  

How can I learn more? 

We will be speaking to our users continuously via this InsideCtrl Blog (, informing them of every change and feature drop that is coming. 

Logging into Betradar Portal itself will also give you chance to see what is coming via the new home section, where recent updates will always be displayed.  

Please reach out to Support or your dedicated Sales representative if you want to learn more. 

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