New Model Driver Basketball

Dear Customer

The 1ST HALF TOTAL market (UOF ID 68) is now an additional model driver in Ctrl.

Due to various internal checks and customer feedbacks we realized, that it was not possible to be in line with the betting market’s 1st Half Totals when they were inanimately linked to the TOTAL (INCL. OVERTIME) within our Betradar odds model. Often the Fulltime Total, especially in USA > NBA matches are not evenly distributed across both halves and so 1st Half Total becomes an anomaly.

Therefore the Betradar Odds Model has now been updated for our Betradar Odds Suggestions to include 1st Half Total as a model driver and the same functionality has been added when your traders change odds on Basketball totals in Ctrl .

Please be ware, that due to this logic change, making odds changes to the market TOTAL (INCL. OVERTIME) will no longer change the 1st Half Total. The 1st Half Total is now itself a driver for other related markets, (e.g.) for other first half markets, for 2nd half markets and for the quarter markets.

We are sure this change will increase the quality of our odds suggestions we send you, but also improve your traders flexibility on finding the right odds and lines on all Basketball events.

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