Improvement – Template Tournament List

After receiving valid feedback from various Customers, we have improved the usability of the tournament list in the templates.

Before there was just a long list, and for some sports a really long list, of all available tournaments. This left users scrolling up and down great distances to get to the tick boxes they wanted to mark.

Now, we have added a handy “find” entry at the top of the list. So whenever you click on “EDIT TOURNAMENT” to open the list, you can enter characters and press <enter> to help you chop the full list down, to only include entries that share what you have typed.

For example…

  • In any template, click EDIT TOURNAMENT to open the list.
  • Type in what you are looking for and press <enter>.
  • The list will adjust to only show you items in the list that contain the text you have typed, or in the example below using Spain, items that are also listed below that tier in the tree.

Find Tournaments in Templates

  • To clear the find text, use the clear find icon on the right and the list will return to the full version.

Once you have found and selected the tournaments that you want to add to the Template, simply press SUBMIT and SAVE, as before.

If would like further help regarding this improvement, or have something else you wish to share with the team, please use the email address at the bottom of the page.

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