New UOF Live Odds Configuration In Ctrl!

Dear Unified Odds Feed Customer,

We are proud to announce that we are currently rolling out the all new Ctrl embedded Live Odds configuration system. You will now have the configuration of both, the Pre-match and Live Odds service, available together within Ctrl and can manage them from one config section using a highly intuitive interface.

Please check out what you get here Ctrl Embedded Live Odds Configuration_New Product Brochure

In order to guarantee a smooth transition for Unified Odds Feed customers from Live Odds configuration to our Ctrl-embedded configuration system, we perform the gradual roll out as follows:

Integration environment:

Step 1 –  Done on 08/03/19: The new configuration system is visible for all Live Odds Unified Odds Feed customers in our integration environment and changes can be done already.

Step 2 – Done on 18/03/2019: The back-end support of our Ctrl embedded Live Odds configuration system will be enabled for your account in the integration environment, and the new configuration will be applied.

Production environment:

Step 1 – Done on 25/03/19: The new configuration system is visible for all Live Odds Unified Odds Feed customers in our production environment and changes can be done already.

Step 2 – From 08/04/19 onwards: Unified Odds Feed customers can request to enable the backend support. After your request, the legacy live odds config ( will no longer be valid and all Live Odds configurations which were done within Ctrl will be applied in the Unified Odds Feed. Take care that you activate desired markets within the templates before in order to avoid the message delivery stopping.

Step 3 – 18/06/19: For all Unified Odds Feed customers, the back-end support will be enabled. Take care that you finalize your Live Odds configuration within our Ctrl-embedded configuration system before 04/06/19, and activate all desired markets in order to avoid the message delivery stopping.

Please find the starter guide for our UOF Live Odds configuration below.

Ctrl Embedded Live Odds Configuration_Starting Guide

kind regards


Add Your Own Ladders to Ctrl

Released last week, but for those of you who are yet to find the new feature, it is now possible to upload your own odds values as ladders in Ctrl without having to request help.

Simply go to Ladders in the Configuration and click on the 3 dots to select the option to “Add New Ladder”.

You can create a new ladder from scratch, by manually entering the values, or by copying a list over from Excel, into the window. Most Customers in the past have sent us their ladders in Excel, so the copy and paste feature should be most useful.

It is also possible to create a new ladder by starting from an existing one, much like you can do with Templates. So this gives you the possibility to effectively edit any existing ladders.

The new interface is pretty easy to understand and use, but if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact our friendly Support Team.

New Integration Environment – Use it now!

Many of you have already been introduced to our new Ctrl integration environment. It is used to perform and complete your Unified Odds Feed integration.

You can request a new integration account via your sales representative, or, in case you already have an account on our production environment, you can just re-use credentials from there and log in to the integration system via the link above. Then create your access token and you are good to go.

Making use of this environment is perfect for your development work and also beneficial in case you want to perform tests like debugging, as some load intense processes might get blocked on our production system.

The new environment provides all functionalities you need to integrate the new feed and is available 24 hours 5 days per week (not during weekends). If you need access outside this availability, our replay environment is always available for both stress testing and regular development and testing.

In order to connect to the integration environment when using an SDK, you need to make sure you adjust your code or config accordingly:

Java SDK

OddsFeedConfiguration config = OddsFeed.getOddsFeedConfigurationBuilder()





var configuration = Feed.GetConfigurationBuilder()




For more important information about our Integration Program and our all-free Certification please check out the UOF quick start guide

Any other questions please contact


New Ctrl Feature – Filter “Missing Events”

Dear Customers

We would like to present another nice tool for you to easily find the events where your competitors have odds published and you are still not offering these matches for betting.

By using the filter “Missing Events” (screenshot below), you can view all events in the Ctrl Monitoring section where your “Own Odds” row is empty and you see the odds “Average” deriving from your selected bookmakers for this tournament.

Missing Events

Missing Events Small 2

Combine the filter with other filters like “24 Hours” to get all events where publication of odds might be most pressing.

When also selecting e.g. the “With Own Odds” filter, you get all matches in view where your own odds are available, but deactivated.

As all filters in our Monitoring section this new filter is corresponding with the sports tree to get you the best combined search.

Kind Regards

Ctrl Team


New Ctrl Features – Improvements for Outrights and Goalscorers!

Dear Customers

“Other” outcomes for Outrights

So far, when sending you outright markets with flexible participant fields, we did not include the “Other” option. Now you can configure to add this outcome to all outrights where the field of participants is not complete.

On top of that, when participants change on such a market, we now provide a version number. This helps you to distinguish the outright markets where participants have changed and helps you identifying the most recent one. It guarantees that all versions of such an outright are settled accordingly when you use the “Other” outcome.

You can set this on the “Feed Option” section in the Ctrl Configuration

Others Configuration

Please note: Before applying this configuration setting,  you should visit our updated UOF documentation on page 17 onwards first to learn how to make use of this feature

Additional outcomes for First and Last Goalscorer markets

Betradar’s standard Pre-Match goalscorer markets were provided to you as an outcome field of selected Goalscorers. In case of an own goal, or if no goal was scored or the scorer wasn’t in the list, we settled the market as a refund on all outcomes.

With this new configuration, you can create market variations including these outcomes named above and hence offer and settle them according to your rules and regulations.

You can set this on the “Feed Option” section in the Ctrl Configuration

Goalscorers Config

Please note: Before applying this configuration setting,  you should first visit our updated UOF documentation on page 101 for new outcomes and 17 onwards for the versioning, to learn how to make use of this feature.

If you have any questions about the new features please contact our support

Kind Regards


US Odds Format in Ctrl

Dear Customers

A few days ago we released the US Format in Ctrl! You can now easily switch to display and change US odds.

US Odds Format

To operate with accurate odds values, simply apply one of Ctrl’s default US odds ladders in your configuration template, or contact us so we upload your customized ladder.

With a little code snippet we are happy to provide in your progamming language, you can also make sure the odds display in US format in your system. Just contact Sportradar-Support ( and we hook you up!


Ctrl Roadmap

Dear Customers

Check out here the latest roadmap for Ctrl! We give you an outlook of our plans until Q1 2019 and hope you will find many exciting new features in this list to boost your trading success and push your bet offer to higher levels!

Please note the information shared here may change over time, but it will be updated as soon as possible. So check back from time to time…



New Unified Odds Feed Startup Guide!

No matter if you are a long term customer using our products on the traditional “Legacy” xml feed and looking for an inspiration to switch to the new UOF,  or a brand new customer who wants to evaluate the tasks ahead before starting the feed integration, this short and slick startup guide will get you on board. Check it out HERE

NEW Ctrl and Feed Status Page – Check The System!

Ctrl wants you to have a full status picture of all services and interfaces you are using. Always know when services are up, be informed when maintenance windows take place. Be able to monitor the situation when a service is temporarily unavailable and know when systems are back up and running again.

The new status page can be found in the Help section of Ctrl 



Scheduled Infrastructure Maintenance

Maintenance Planned 

We would like to inform you that we will have a scheduled infrastructure maintenance tomorrow, on April 19th, 2018 between 07:00 UTC and 12:00 UTC.

During the maintenance, we do not expect any service unavailability. However, you may experience a delay in the services listed below for a short period. This period will not exceed 5 minutes.

Life Cycle of Odds (Pre-Match service) XML
Betradar CTRL
Unified Odds Feed pre-match producer
Managed Trading Services pre-match
Live Score as XML
Statistics as XML

2 Affected Services: